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Krav Maga Maleh has deep roots in traditional Krav Maga created in Israel. Imi Lichtenfeld, bless his memory, is the Father and founder of the Krav Maga self defense and combat method. He started implementing his method in 1944 with the Haganah Brigade, prior to the declaration of Israel as a state in 1948. Over the course of many years this method was used and improved in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), by Imi and later his first and top student Eli Avikzar, bless his memory. Eli was granted the world's first official Black Belt by Imi in 1971. Eli awarded Guy Dar the rank of Black Belt and Instructor in 1989.

Master Guy Dar is an 9th Degree Blackbelt Master & Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Maleh and has official representatives in countries worldwide. Krav Maga Maleh USA is the only official representative organization of Krav Maga Maleh in the United States and holds close to it's deep knowledge, culture and heritage.

Krav Maga Maleh USA has certified instructors in areas spread across the United States and Certified Training Centers in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

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