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Brandon Phillips

Krav Maga Savannah

Krav Maga Maleh is the next generation of Israeli Martial Arts. It is also one of the most authentic and largest streams of Krav Maga in Israel. Just like many other important technologies, it has undergone significant improvement. Attacks have changed over time, so the ways we defend must also change. Krav Maga Maleh is a “living system”. Our defenses are constantly being evaluated by our Israeli Chief Instructor, Mr. Guy Dar, and are adapted as needed.Through real life experiences, Krav Maga Maleh techniques have become simpler, more instinctive, faster, and stronger than ever before.
The basic principles of Krav Maga Maleh are the same as those of the original founders:
1. The most natural and efficient movement is the best and right movement – Imi Lichtenfeld Sde-Or.
2. Minimum movement against maximum attack - Eli Avikzar.

Krav Maga is a real life self-defense system that anyone can learn. It was originally developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and later adapted for civilian and police use. Krav Maga is known as an extremely efficient self-defense system that focuses on real life situations. It was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or), a Hungarian-Jewish martial artist.


Krav Maga Savannah
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